Saturday, 6 September 2008

The daily choice

Each day forces a decision on me, whether I like it or not. Will I live by this age or will I live by the cross? (1 Cor 1-2) These are two mutually incompatible and contradictory lives, cultures and ministries.

What do I choose?

1. This age: self-sufficiency, independence, achievement, power? Do I spend the day thinking and boasting about myself? Am I taken up with what I have done? Am I taken up with what other people have achieved? Is the acceptance of other people the main driving force in my life? Am I trying to get things done my way?

2. The cross: is my boast all day long in what Jesus has done for me? Are my thoughts taken up with Golgotha? Am I unconcerned by looking foolish, weak and unimpressive to people? Am I most concerned with His repute? Am I trying to get things done Christ's way?

I make a decision every day and have been making it (consciously and unconsciously) every day ever since I came to know Christ. Which way am I choosing?