Thursday, 17 May 2007

He reigns on high

Given that is Ascension day today, what does it mean for me?

1. Life only makes sense if you look at the exalted Jesus.

2. He reigns over my sin

3. He reigns over my death.

4. He reigns over every principality and power that would attack me.

5. He reigns over every problem, every suffering, every persecution I will ever encounter

6. Nothing more can be added to my salvation. He has "sat down."

7. I am where Jesus is: reigning, exalted and victorious. I possess in Him all the glory, honour and life I will ever need.

8. His earthly ministry continues in me by His powerful Spirit.

9. My future is exaltation, glory and praise from my Father.

10. I'm free cos I'm with the King!