Monday, 14 May 2007

Psalm 32

A few quick thoughts on the amazing Psalm 32. It is a wonderful overview of salvation by grace alone. God does it all from start to finish:

1. I don't get blessed by being really good but by being sovereignly and wonderfully forgiven (v.1-2).

2. I don't cover my sin, but the LORD covers it (v.1). In fact, blessedness is conditional on me not covering my sin (v.5)!

3. I am vulnerable and insecure, but the LORD sets me on a high place away from the waters of judgment (v.6-7).

4. I am a fool and disobedient but the LORD makes himself my Pastor and Instructor (v.8) and surrounds me with covenant love (v.10).

The LORD does everything for my salvation! My job is simply to confess my sin.....