Saturday, 23 June 2007

Control freaks

Some key gospel principles for those of us who like to be in control of life and our environment.

1. I need to know that I cannot control things - I don’t have the power, authority nor do I have the ability to do it. In trying to control everything I am trying to be like God.

2. The Lord controls all things and He providentially cares for me - my life is not in my hands, but His hands. Every situation and event in my daily life is given to me by Him.

3. The gospel is all about me giving up control and losing my life that I might gain it. Faith implies self-emptying and giving control to Him that I might find peace.

4. Anger/frustration with others is a problem for controlling people. I need to remind myself though that people have their own mind and wills, and they will cross me! That is a normal part of life and should not lead to anger. Allowing people to ‘invade’ my space, change my routines, ‘control’ my actions is part of what love, grace and humility are all about.