Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Plummeting pigs...

I gave a talk on the Gerasene Demoniac last week (Luke 8:26-39 par) and came up against the issue of the pigs. AS always, the question is: what on earth are the pigs about? Here are my reflections...

1. The sending of the spirits into the pigs is a prophetic sign to teach a deeper truth.

2. The pigs are unclean animals and so there is a 'fit' between the unclean spirits and the animals.

3. The pigs are basically cash for any local farmers - it is their livelihood and sucha a huge number would be worth a lot. Jesus is showing what the man is worth. A man's life is worth much more than local business... The locals would perhaps want Jesus to drive this 'cursed' man into the sea in judgment but Jesus, by way of contrast, has come to redeem him.

4. The name "Legion" can not be accidental and echoes the Roman Legions occupying Israel. Many Jews would want to drive the Roman Legions into the sea, but Jesus is showing what the real occupying legions are: the forces of the evil. Jesus has come to drive these legions into the sea. This is the thing that we really need deliverance from.