Sunday, 30 September 2007

Union with Christ

A quiet revolution has been going on in me for the last few years which has probably been more profound for me than anything else: a deeper appreciation of what it means to be "in Christ". It has reconstructed my view of a whole number of things in my relationship with God. It has led to much greater joy and peace in my life as well. It has opened up whole new vistas in my spiritual life. So, I'm gonna write a number of posts in the next few weeks about this wonderful reality which we get as Christians.

Yet, the funny thing about this relationship with Christ is the fact we speak of it so little. I guess this wouldn't be so weird if it was a minor theme in the Bible - but actually it's truly massive. It's everywhere. "In Christ" and its cognates litter the pages of the NT. I think we have a really deficient understanding of what it means to be a Christian if we neglect what God has given us here. But, it's almost as if we filter all these Bible passages out of our thinking. Perhaps we just struggle to understand it. I did an Amazon search on books connected with union with Christ and there really aren't all that many. Compare that with justification and you'll see a huge difference! Why is it that we are so unbalanced in this? I don't know.... I guess we always have our blindspots. It's just that this one is particularly large and robs us of so much joy and strength in our knowledge of God.