Saturday, 17 February 2007

9 reasons not to sin

1. Jesus has carried my sin. Every time God forgives me the cost is the cross. Sin, on the other hand, makes the cross worthless and empty. When I sin, I sin against the cross.

2. I am in Christ and am living in His presence forever. How can I sin against Him right in front of Him?

3. God’s Spirit has turned me into a temple - how can I defile the temple of the living God?

4. The Lord abundantly satisfies every possible desire and longing in me. Why try to satisfy myself with sin? Obedience to Him brings me all the joy I could ever want.

5. My future is an eternal holy world - why am I fighting against the very thing I'm made for? How will this day look on that Day?

6. Sin is offensive to God and provokes His wrath and holiness. God detests my sin and cannot bear to look upon it.

7. Sin lies. It is nice-tasting poison. It pretends to bring me good things when it doesn’t. It will destroy me with hell, death, slavery.

8. Sin goes down into me and makes me ugly and polluted.

9. Sin destroys any ministry I have.