Sunday, 25 February 2007

Planting a church in an ugly city

There is a huge difference between what we see as beautiful, and what God sees as beautiful. That is why so few evangelicals are seriously willing to reach the inner cities (i.e. live and work there). And until we get that straight in our heads we will never reach the inner cities for Christ.

"God is far more concerned with a crowded bus queue than a glowing sunset, a noisy market-place than a starry galaxy, a towering tenement than a snow-capped mountain, a bustlling city than a sequestered retreat. God is far more concerned with people than with anything else He has created..... We tend to associate the presence and the power of God with the glory of the heavens and the beauty of the countryside. But God's highest creation is more in evidence in the bustling din of a city rush-hour than in the relaxing peace of a rural landscape.... God is more concerned about 'people' than about 'places', and more concerned about re-creating beauty of character than merely admiring beauty of nature." (Roy Joslin, Urban Harvest)

What will change our hearts? Look at Jesus....

"When Jesus Christ came down to earth form heaven He 'moved' from a 'very desirable residential area' to live in a 'very undesirable residential area'....He lived in a neighbourhood which had gained a bad reputation: 'Can any good thing come out of Nazareth?'" (Roy Joslin, Urban Harvest)

He made this incredible move for me. When I see that then moving into the inner city and seeking to reach people there for the Lord Jesus will not seem like a sacrifice. I will be able to do it with joy - for I am a restless sojourner in this world. I am looking for a beautiful home, not here, but in glory with Jesus.