Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Lots of Bible but no prayer?

Many of us recognize that our prayer lives are really not what they could be. And those of us who are evangelicals would most likely say that we're good on the Bible, but not so good at prayer. There are plenty of times I've thought to myself, my theology is good, but I admit (with supposed great humility) that I'm not so good at prayer. I wonder, though, whether my situation (and yours as well???) may be a lot worse than my initial thoughts have suggested.

Is it really possible, given that our dealings with God are in the framework of a covenant, for me to hear from God but not speak to Him? Can I really say that I've heard Him but don't really want to speak to Him? Isn't God's word meant to be relational and so be inviting me to speak back to Him? If God's word is simply information to be appropriated then of course my speaking back to Him is less vital. But if God's word is relational, and a constant invitation to know Him, then how can I really say that I've got it if I don't pray?

My suggestion is this then: if we're not good at prayer, we're not good at the Bible either (though I may have a lot of Bible information in my head). There cannot be a wedge between the two. My Bible knowledge is no greater than my prayer life.