Friday, 16 March 2007

10 reasons why Christians still need the Cross

1. My very best days, full of spiritual discipline, love, zeal and sanctification, are still full of sin.

2. Doing better as a Christian will not atone for my sin.

3. It reminds me that we cannot understand wrath without love, nor love without wrath.

4. Suffering will destroy my faith unless I see that Jesus who is inifinitely better than me has endured infinitely more than me.

5. I can only forgive others if I've seen what forgiving me cost God.

6. It stops me being superficial about my sin, and makes me look into the depths of my depravity.

7. We'll still be celebrating and relying upon it in heaven (see Revelation!), so how can I think I'm past it now?

8. It's where I'm to look for the love of God.

9. It levels the playing field between us- it stops me telling everyone off for being bad Christians and reminds me that we're all desperately in need.

10. Gratitude for the cross kills a thousand temptations.