Friday, 16 March 2007

Jesus and the Bible

It's easy to confuse ends and means in reading the Bible. The Bible is not the end of the Christian life, but the means. The end of the Christian life can only be Christ - and we love the Scriptures because they get us to Him. The Scriptures are a servant that bring us to the Master. The danger comes either when we think we can get to the Master without the servant, or when we turn the servant into a Master.

So, on the one hand, I need to revere the Scriptures cos they alone give me Jesus, and, on the other hand, I need to know that I read the Bible precisely because it gives me Jesus. If I'm not getting Jesus from the Bible but just theological information, then there's something seriously wrong with my Bible reading. “Take Christ from the Scriptures-and what more will you find in them?” (Luther, Bondage of the Will).