Saturday, 17 March 2007

Missional Preaching

Some thoughts about how normal, weekly preaching might win people to Christ.

1. Preaching needs to see an unbelieving world with all its objections and questions as its context, and not just the 'church'. We need to preach 'as if the whole unbelieving society was sat there listening to us'.

2. We need apologetics to be integrated in preaching i.e. taking objections to various elements of a sermon seriously and dealing with them in the sermon.

3. We need to be regularly dealing with the range of objections people have to Christianity.

4. We need to deconstruct the (post) modern world and show how its thought systems, attitudes etc do not work and are incoherent.

5. We need to show how people's longings and stories are truly met only in the gospel.

6. We need to listen very well to our culture before we speak. We need to understand who we are talking to and what their thinking is.

7. We need to show how the gospel defies people's assumptions - and so be counter-intuitive in our approach to people.